Advanced: CyberDuck SFTP Guide

Firstly, download and install CyberDuck. This can be used on either Mac or Windows. You can do this by going to the CyberDuck website below:

You will then need to login to the panel. After this, press "Service" on the left menu, then "Access" under that to display your sFTP/SSH login information. Click open the "Download" button, this will cause a popup to appear, confirm you have read the very serious message, and, download button again - Your browser will now download a .chPPK file to use in your sFTP capable client.

Open CyberDuck, then click "Open Connection".


Ensure the following:


Finally, click connect - and you will be able to access the servers filesystem :)

Note: PPK files have a limited lifespan, after approx. 90mins you will need to obtain a new one in order to login again.

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