Network connectivity

General information about network connectivity and how to test it

Testing connectivity (MTR)

In order to see what might be affecting your connection to the server, we need to run something named "my trace route" in order to find out exactly where the connection has dropped. This will test the connection all the way from your computer to the server.

Windows - WinMTR
  1. Download WinMTR from
  2. Right click WinMTR and 'Run as Administrator' - Ensure you allow this program through any firewalls/anti-virus programs to access the internet.

    Note - you may need to disable Windows Firewall entirely

  3. Enter your server's IP address or hostname into the 'Host' box and click 'Start'.
  4. Allow this to send approx. 1000 packets for a thorough testing, then click 'Stop'.
  5. Press the 'Export as TXT' button, save this to desktop or somewhere you can find it on your computer.
  6. Open the TXT file you have created and copy the results to and create a URL to the log.
  7. Provide the URL to support.
  1. Install Homebrew, you can find instructions here:
  2. Open a terminal (Using the search function found in the top right hand corner)
  3. Run brew install mtr - this will install the mtr software.
  4. Enter the following command sudo /usr/local/sbin/mtr -rwc 100 PlaceYourIPHere (You may be asked to enter your password for your Mac. This is normal.) This will complete in approximately 100 seconds.
  5. You will then want to copy and paste the results onto or printscreen it and provide it to support.
  1. Run this command (preferably as root) from a terminal: mtr -rwc 100 PlaceYourIPHere

    If this is not found, use your distributions package manager, such as yum, apt-get or dnf, in order to install it.

  2. You will then want to copy and paste the results onto or printscreen it and provide it to support.


    Connection failures

    If you are unable to connect to your server:

    First, check your server logs! If the game software is noting your connection attempt it is likely your game software itself is rejecting the connection. The server logs should go into detail on why you cannot connect (Mods mismatching, version mismatching, failures to load maps etc).

    NOTE: Across most games you must be running the same version+build client-side as you do on the server. Steam games are known not to print any 'useful' errors when version mismatching occurs. You can contact support for further assistance if you do not understand the errors etc.

    Try using the numerical IP from the Server > Overview > Access menu (Old Panel: Virtual Server > sFTP/SSH Access). Note: If you are able to connect with the numerical IP, but not your hostname... Make sure your DNS is flushed, or, change your DNS server (, openDNS, GoogleDNS etc, there are many available online) to ensure your computer is retrieving up to date DNS records.

    Visit the Virtual Server > Power Controls page and run a system update (this will check all the firewalls are working as intended and if not, should kick them into proper order!). Note: Public port checkers will fail if the software on the server is not designed to respond properly.

    Make sure your game software is started to competition and awaiting player connections.