Adding mods to a Arma 3 server

To add mods to your Arma 3 server, first make sure the server is stopped and that you have the mods you want to install on the server downloaded to your computer.

Once the server is stopped and you have the mods ready you can upload them through either the file manager on the panel or via sftp (sftp is better suited for larger mods), we would recommend you put all the mods you want to upload into a folder then zip the folder up before uploading as this should speed up the upload.
When uploading the files you can upload them directly to the main arma3 folder or you can create a new folder named mods and then put them in there.

We would recommend that you make sure each mod folder starts with an @
E.g Your mods folder would look like
- My mods
    - @Mod1
    - @Mod2
    - @Mod3

Once the mods you want have been uploaded to the server, you can unzip the folder you uploaded through the file manager on the panel

With the mods extracted to the server we now want to edit/create a file named arma3.config
This file will tell the server what mods to load and is formatted the same as a json file

An example of the arma3.config file would be

{"servermods": "@Mod1,@Mod2,@Mod3"}

The mods can also be put in a mods folder in which case the arma3.config would look something like

{"servermods": "mods/@Mod1,mods/@Mod2,mods/@Mod3"}

Once you have added the mods to the config, click save and when you start the server up, it should load the mods up for you.

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