Ark: Survival Evolved



Enabling Total Conversion

Total Conversion is a modification of the game (DLC).

To enable the Primitive Plus Total Conversion;

1) Visit your ARK: Survival Evolved > Console page.

2) Click the "Files" menu.

3) Click on the file ark.config to open it - This file contains a set of start arguments in JSON format.

4) Between the { }, add "TotalConversionMod":"111111111" - Note: The file is JSON format, make sure to add a comma between each argument you add, eg: {"Arg1":"1","TotalConversionMod":"111111111","Arg2":"1"}

5) Click "Save" at the top/bottom of the document.

6) Visit the ./ark/ShooterGame/Saved/Config/LinuxServer/ directory and open the GameUserSettings.ini, add "ActiveMapMod=111111111" under "[Server Settings]".

7) Click "Save" at the top/bottom of the document.

You can now start your server.


Installing Mods

To install mods on Ark, it is similar to other services we provide. First you will stop the server from the Overview/Console page.

Often times it is also best practice to go ahead and drag the mod to a different position in the list to make the configuration file update.

World Management

World Management

Backups and Current World

Ark manages its world saves in a bit different of a manner than most games. These are typically stored in the fashion of:

- TheIsland

- TheIsland.bak

But you will see many of these, they are date coded. To have a copy of your current world, you will download the original file, not any with .bak on them.

If there are errors in your world, or it won't start with the main one, you can delete it (This is permanent!!), and rename the .bak to the main. i.e. TheIsland.bak you change to TheIsland when you rename it.

World Management

Change World

To change a world on Ark you must follow these steps:

After you do all this, the new map will load in. Should you have any issues, open a ticket to our support team.