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Chicago, United States.

Our facility has fully UPS & generator backed power to keep your critical equipment powered up at all times. Centrally located, Chicago is a great choice to serve the entire continental USA and Canada. With our premium bandwidth mix you have great routes to all of North America. As with all of our other locations, Chicago is staffed & monitored 24/7.

DC Specifications

  • 750kVA of battery backup capacity.
  • 1.5MW of generator capacity.
  • 280 Tons of AC capacity.
  • 5MW diverse power feed.
  • VESDA particulate detection
  • Clean Agent Extinguishers
  • Pre-Action Dry Pipe Sprinkler

Los Angeles

Los Angeles, United States.

The network easily and quickly spans the US and beyond. Your data gets perfect routes to where it needs to all the time. All of our US facilities have fast connections to each other through our network.

DC Specifications

  • 2 x 150 kVA UPS.
  • 3 x 2 MW Generator Capacity.
  • 1200A 480V mains feed.
  • Multiple Liebert & APC CRACs.
  • 432 Fiber strands to One Wilshire MMR.
  • Zoned, triple pre-action Fire Suppression System.
  • Open peering with the entire Any2LA and Atlanta TIE networks.


Atlanta, United States.

CreeperHost utilizes the Internap FCP device at our Atlanta location. This allows us to carefully route traffic above and beyond what is possible with standard BGP routing. The Internap FCP represents a substantial capital investment to the network that provides customers with greater network efficiency and routing.

DC Specifications

  • 320kVA of battery backup capacity.
  • 350kW of generator capacity.
  • 90 Tons of AC capacity.
  • 1200A 480V diverse power feed.
  • Double pre-action-dry-pipe Fire Suppression System.
  • Cogent POP located in facility.
  • 96 strand fiber to Abovenet.
  • Zayo operates a POP within 34.
  • Fully redundant, fault tolerant network gear.


Dallas, United States.

Our Dallas facility is fully equipped to handle your every need. You get fully redundant power systems, diverse fiber entrances, and lots of available space. The facility is fully secured and staffed 24/7.

DC Specifications

  • 500kVA of battery backup capacity.
  • 650kW of generator capacity.
  • 170 Tons of AC capacity.
  • Four fiber entrance points with a minimum of 15' separation.
  • Full Inteliquent transit.
  • Dry pipe pre-action Fire Suppression System.


Maidenhead, England.

Our Maidenhead network has been independently rated by as the fastest network in the UK, and third fastest network in the world. A fast network means your players won't lag. Coupled with fast servers you can be sure that your server will be the best it can be.

DC Specifications

  • 2 x 1MW Generators.
  • 0.75 kW/m² power density.
  • N+1 Air Conditioning Systems.
  • Dual zone fire detection.
  • Up to 63A MCCB's within PDUs.
  • Dark Fibre Capability & Diverse Fibre Entry.
  • Carrier Neutral.
  • 2 x 500 kVA UPS (N+1).
  • Controlled Environment - room temperature 24°C +/- 2°C
  • 0.75kW/m² cooling density.
  • 12kN/m² raised floor system - 480mm void.
  • Mirrored Switchgear.


Grantham, England.

Our Grantham location is the first of our owned Data Centre network, built to our strict specifications to provide the access and quality we need.

DC Specifications

  • Up to 20A MCCB's within PDUs.
  • Dark Fibre Capability & Diverse Fibre Entry.
  • Carrier Neutral.
  • 4 x 30 kVA UPS (N+2).
  • Controlled Environment - room temperature 24°C +/- 2°C
  • 12kN/m² raised floor system - 300mm void.


Nottingham, England.

Our Nottingham location, our presence here is managed entirely by CreeperHost LTD, giving us far more flexability to finally offer our Enderdragon and Colocation services within our UK home.

DC Specifications

  • 24 hour Manned Security, CCTV & Intruder Alarms
  • 800 Kva Generator
  • N+1 Air Conditioning Systems
  • Dual zone fire detection & suppression system
  • Dark Fibre Capability & Diverse Fibre Entry
  • Dark Fibre link to Maidenhead
  • Carrier Neutral
  • 2 x 500 kVA UPS (N+1)
  • Controlled Environment - room temperature 24°C +/- 2°C
  • 0.75kW/m² cooling density
  • 12kN/m² raised floor system - 600mm void

Hong Kong

Hong Kong, China.

Our Hong Kong location allows users to house their game servers in our Telco grade facility for superior security, bandwidth management, and Internet connections. This state-of-the-art Data Center provides unparalleled high-performance, high-availability, and high-security to all of our customers.

DC Specifications

  • 37 Minutes UPS run-time at full load
  • On-Site Diesel Generator - fuel for 12 hours at full load
  • Individual STS for each rack for dual redundant power
  • Carrier Neutral.
  • Controlled Environment - room temperature 25C +/- 2C
  • 24 hour building security and CCTV coverage
  • Biometric security entry systems


Auckland, New Zealand.

This data centre was built from the ground using only the highest quality, proven technology, creating a facility that ensures military level 'mission critical' uptime and redundancy. This means reliability that you can bank on.

DC Specifications

  • Secured, standby 500KvA 2506 Perkins diesel generator, housed inside the facility (on 24/7 SLA for repairs & refueling)
  • Our generator can power the entire datacentre indefinitely
  • Three in-line UPS power conditioners, isolation transformers
  • Carrier Neutral connectivity
  • 10GbE wire-speed core network access
  • Domestic peering for high speed traffic delivery within New Zealand
  • Fibre carriers all have multiple redundant paths of fibre entering the datacentre from different ducts
  • Carrier Neutral Peering, we have a large list of ISP
  • We have three fully redundant and intelligent HVAC CRAC units with POD based temperature monitoring and flow control with micro particle air filtration The Datacentre operates using strict thermal guidelines for data processing environments. Temperature is 21C and a humidity of 49% with a maximum dew point of 15C
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Read about our history



CreeperHost was started on the 9th of October 2011 as an experiment by Paul 'Paul_T' Taylor, with assistance from Luke 'Luke_H' Hawkins, originally reselling VPS's from large scale providers like ThrustVPS, it quickly took off due to having high levels of control over server configuration, in a time when most providers would not even allow you to upload your own server jar files.

We quickly raised the money needed to purchase our first set of hardware, 3x Dell PowerEdge 1950's with dual xeon processors, these where colocated near 'Paul_T's residence, just 20 miles up the M1 in Sheffield Data Centre, however the power cost for these 'older generation' hardware quickly made it difficult to sustain.

Within a week we where approcached by a mid sized US company, offering to assist us to expand into the US market by building and racking dedicated servers for us, this was the true begginings of CreeperHost as it is today, with a US presence CreeperHost grew rapidly.

Not long after this, we decided to try out a few European data centres which pricing seemed 'suspect', but having a trained hardware engineer and hobbiest software programmer as the lead at CreeperHost meant we cared little for technical support from our providers, just remote hands when hardware needed switched, this allowed us to make our sheffield location redundant, making our entire operation far more cost effective, from this point, all our profits where tunneled back into the business to open new locations to try and cover as much of the Minecraft playing world as possible.



Disaster struck, a freak hardware failure, only a week before we planned to open our Los Angeles location! To this date we're still not sure what actually failed, but our main site, and our auth server was located on this machine, and took us 2 weeks to recover everything we needed, this was poor planning on our side, and lead to no ticket system, no control panel access (unified login was down), and no invoices being generated. However we did not give up, and worked 17 - 20 hour days solid for the period of the 2 weeks downtime, answering support queries from our emails and personal IM accounts while trying to recover our lost data, and taking no money in this period (Still had bills!), and the site was returned!


We opened our Los Angeles location, to provide lower latency services to Australia and other similar locations.

Late June, a HUGE DDoS by Anonymous, attacking some government sites took our entire network in our Chicago Data Centre offline, as such we began migration plans, and opened our Atlanta location, as our Chicago location's network has SPOF (Single Point of Failure) which we where not happy with, however, since opening our Atlanta location, the Chicago data centre we use has invested money into their network to remove their SPOF's and provide greater network stability, so migration plans have been postponed, however both locations will remain open.


Mid July, In an attempt to better serve our European home, we opened a single server for testing, in Nuremberg, Germany, this however was a 'flop'. While the network and hardware have been perfectly stable, most our customers are happier with our Roubaix or Maidenhead locations.

Late July, negotations with the large UK provider, iomart LLC began, and after serveral weeks, we managed to get hardware at a price point which met our targets, we are very greatful to iomart for this, as we really wanted to return to our home market, and real estate and power prices in the UK make it very difficult to be competative with other countries.


We open our flagship location, Maidenhead UK, boasting an impressive title of fastest network in the UK, and third fastest in the entire world, this quickly became our best location, with 24/7, physical monitoring of our hardware, instant alerts to our technicians and the DC technicians of any issues, hardware raid with monitoring and battery backup, this sends a sure fire message of exactly what CreeperHost has planned for the future.


From this we have improved our network to include 3 independant authentication servers, while these are all linked and identical, they are capable of running independantly and a RAID 6 backup system, named CreeperVault which we and our customers are allowed to use, we are dedicated individuals, who want to provide the perfect balance of cost and quality, with as much control as possible, which is why we run things within a VPS and provide root passwords, while we won't help you if you break it, we do want it to be your choice what you do with what you pay for.


CreeperHost begins utilising the same technology as facebook, and enterprise grade solid state drives, combining RAID 1 drives with an SSD block level cache, providing all the performance of an SSD, with the stability and security of mirrored enterprise grade magnetic drives, these changes will be rolled out over time, but are currently available on; atl8, atl9 & mdn10 nodes.


Preperations begin to turn CreeperHost into a seperate legal entity from original parent company, CreeperCP v2.5 is released to bridge the gap while v3.0 is developed over an extended period.


CreeperHost now breaks away from original parent company, parent company is shut down so director can focus on CreeperHost entirely, more staff are being hired and our Nottingham location is being expanded.


Commercial partnerships formed with iomart group plc and total server solutions llc.


New locations opened in China and New Zealand to provide low latency gaming to customers throughout Asia and Australasia


Looking forward to the future, CreeperHost continues pushing for performance, feature and locale improvements across the world.

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